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Mariner Jr Football is located in South Everett in Washington State. We serve kids between Kindergarten & 8th Grade in the Mukilteo School District. We are dedicated to instructing young players in safe and proper fundamentals of tackle football. Safety and a good football experience is our #1 Priority! Nothing is more important than the safety of your child!  Comprehensive "Heads Up" Training is required of ALL of our coaches! The purpose of this organization is to provide an opportunity for every youth participant, grades K - 8th to learn the game of football, while focusing on maximum community participation and pride!
The Mariner Jr. Football program is the only youth football program endorsed by the Mariner High school coaches. 


 2024 Important Dates 

  • Mariner Football Camp: TBD

    • Location: 

    • Time: ​

  • Suit Ups: TBD

    • Location:

    • Time:

      • Seniors:

      • Bantams:

      • Juniors:

      • 89ers:

      • PeeWee:


  • NSJFL Coaches Meeting: TBD

    • Location:

    • ​Time:

  • 1st practice: TBD

    • Time:


  • NSJFL Jamboree: TBD

    • Location:

  • Week 1:

  • Week 2:

  • Week 3:

  • Week 4:

  • Week 5:

  • Week 6:

  • Week 7:

  • Week 8:

  • NSJFL Play-Off ​​

  • NSJFL Semi Finals:

  • NSJFL Championships:

    • Location:



Football Registration: TBA

Register Here!!

Current Roster Status:

Peewees: CLOSED

89ers: CLOSED

Juniors: CLOSED

Bantams: CLOSED

Seniors: CLOSED

* If your division is wait listed, still fill out a registration and if we get enough registrations we will field another team, Or if a kid decides to not play we will contact the next player on the wait list.

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Cheerleaders are dedicated to promoting spirit, enthusiasm and a positive winning attitude through example.  Adherence to the Cheer Program Standards is vital to achieving  these goals.  

Mariner Jr Cheer is a feeder program to Mariner High School Cheer program.  It is our goal as Coordinators to create a fun, inviting environment for members to learn cheers and teamwork but also this is a sport.  Members will be conditioned athletically and they will learn what will be expected of them at the high school level if they choose to continue with Cheer and represent their High School with pride.

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We are always looking for people that want to volunteer their time to help coach kids. Coaching youth football is certainly a tremendous responsibility but will also be a rewarding experience when you see your players develop a love for the game, have a desire to continue, and show progress in the fundamentals.

We are looking for individuals that Teach, don’t criticize. Praise effort, technique, and progress – not just the great play by the star athlete.
If you fit this description....

Mariner Football Camp


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