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Humble Beginnings

In 2005, we started as a football organization called the Meadowdale Wolverines. Our colors were blue and gold just like Michigan. Tony Indelicato was the president and Joel Anker was the VP. After 5 years the program had grown so much that the board had decided to split and expand into the Mukilteo area.


The team became the Mukilteo Wolverines changing the colors from blue and gold, to purple and gold like the Huskies. The Mukilteo wolverines lasted one season before the board decided to split the program again and become feeder programs for each local high school. Kamiak Knights and Mariner Marauders were created from this. Tony stayed with the Kamiak program. Joel along with John Billen started the Mariner Marauders program as we all know it know. John ran the football operations as Joel took a year off of coaching and youth football, but remained VP of the Mukilteo Youth sports that over saw both programs. Joel was more like a NFL owner during the first year balancing multiple programs. John moved onto the HS and Joel graciously took over the youth program full time in 2012 while also returning back to coaching.


The Mariner program was developed to be a Mariner community focused program.  A place for kids in the community to have pride in their neighborhood and schools. Joel's hope was make it where kids grew up playing together and make life long connections like in small towns. The program has done that for the most part. Bringing families together.  Joel retired from Mariner Jr. Football at the end of 2021 ensuring the survival of the organization through the Covid pandemic.  Joel currently holds the position of Defensive Coordinator of the Mariner High School Varsity Football Team.

We thank Joel and the Anker family for the many years of service, sacrifice and dedication to the Mariner/South Everett Community.


2022 brought a fresh look to the Mariner organization as Josh and Jessica Saga took over leadership. The Saga family is well know and respected in the Mariner community as Josh worked in law enforcement and Jessica with the Mukilteo School District. Building off of the foundation set by Joel and others, Josh and Jessica built a long lasting blueprint for future success.  The Saga family brought in new sponsors, equipment, and many new family members to Mariner in their time. Life has led the Saga family to relocate.  We will be forever grateful for the hard work they put into our football family.

2024 & Beyond

In 2024, we welcome a whole new board of directors to Mariner Jr. Football.  Newly elected president Terry Lott Jr. will take over for Josh and Jessica.  Terry is a community advocate, coach and passionate leader.  He brings expertise in coaching, community connection, fundraising, and non-profit management skills to the organization. "Mariner will have a new focus on developing complete student-athletes, not only football players. We will play physical, play smart and treat others with respect.  Our goal is to assist the kids in our program to find success on the field and in the classroom.  

Christen Edwards joins as the Treasurer, Christina Konrad as the Secretary, and Tyler Morton as the Vice President. 

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